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How To Use RollSharp


RollSharp™ (The Original Rolling Knife Sharpener) is compatible with a wide range of knives, including kitchen knives, cleavers, most smooth-edged hunting knives, and folding knives with a smooth edge. Blades that are not suitable for sharpening with RollSharp™ are those found on bread knives and scissors.

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The RollSharp Way

At RollSharp™, we firmly believe that possessing sharp knives shouldn't require one to be a skilled knife smith. We established RollSharp™ with the mission to simplify the process, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of chef-quality sharp knives.

Our RollSharp™ products are meticulously engineered to be user-friendly straight out of the box. With RollSharp, achieving remarkable knife sharpening, restoration, and repair outcomes is possible within minutes. Whether you're dealing with the most unique or your everyday household knives, RollSharp™ has got you covered.


Utilizing the Original RollSharp™ Rolling Knife Sharpener comes with a standard diamond grinding disc, you can achieve a rapid and high-quality sharpening outcome without the necessity of water. The industrial-grade diamonds within the disc are compatible with steels of all hardness levels used in knives, ensuring effectiveness and precision.

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The RollSharps™ 20° and 22° grinding angles swiftly yield a fresh sharpness and a resilient cutting edge. Consequently, the knife maintains its sharpness over an extended period, making it versatile for a broad range of daily kitchen tasks.

By employing the RollSharps™ 15° and 18° grinding angles, exceptionally fine blades crafted from Damascus or high-quality carbon steel can attain a delicate sharpness.

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We are so confident that you will love your new RollSharp™ that if you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. That's the RollSharp Satisfaction Guarantee