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Original RollSharp

Original RollSharp

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The Original RollSharp enables you to sharpen your knives effortlessly with its unique rolling mechanism. Get the edge you need with the Original RollSharp that started it all. The engineering behind the RollSharp Rolling knife Sharpeners ensures easy and safe sharpening of all your household knives.

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The RollSharp Edge

The RollSharp™ sharpener provides extensive versatility to meet individual needs. It comes with interchangeable grinding wheels, offering the choice of a 15°, 18° and 20° grinding angle for precision and a 22° grinding angle for added sharpness, expanding the range of knife sharpening options. The diamond grinding disc and ceramic honing disc ensure remarkable results. The newly engineered assembly design, featuring ball bearings, delivers a smooth rolling experience.

RollSharp Roller


Utilizing the RollSharp™ standard diamond grinding disc, you can achieve a rapid and high-quality sharpening outcome without the necessity of water. The industrial-grade diamonds within the disc are compatible with steels of all hardness levels used in knives, ensuring effectiveness and precision.

RollSharp Magnetic Sharpening Discs


Following the utilization of the RollSharp™ diamond grinding disc, the ceramic honing disc takes the refinement of the grinding result a step further. Its incorporated grooves guarantee a polished knife edge and effectively remove any residual loose metal particles.

Roller and Knife Holder


The RollSharps™ 20° and 22° grinding angles swiftly yield a fresh sharpness and a resilient cutting edge. Consequently, the knife maintains its sharpness over an extended period, making it versatile for a broad range of daily kitchen tasks. Additionally, it imparts durability and exceptional sharpness to numerous outdoor pocket knives, rendering them ideal for everyday use.

Boxed Sharpening Disc Set


By employing the RollSharps™ 15° and 18° grinding angles, exceptionally fine blades crafted from Damascus or high-quality carbon steel can attain a delicate sharpness. These knives can be honed to a remarkable fineness while preserving their structural integrity.

RollSharp Removable Discs


Industrial diamonds are renowned for being among the most resilient and effective abrasives accessible. The mono-crystalline diamonds we employ are harder than any knife steel. In an electroplating process, approximately 55% of the diamonds in the RollSharp™ Diamond Standard are securely embedded onto a nickel plate. Their initially rough surface is refined during the initial grinding process and maintains this condition thereafter.

How To Use RollSharp


The magnetic angle support, enhanced by powerful neodymium magnets and the RollSharp™ silicone S-Pad, guarantees a secure hold on the blade. Thanks to the S-Pad's anti-slip features, even slender blades can be sharpened consistently at the desired height.

How to Sharpen your knives with RollSharp

The RollSharp Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your new RollSharp™ that if you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. That's our RollSharp™ Satisfaction Guarantee